God is The Author of goodness. God is a Good God. God Doesn’t Remember your sins. In the New Testament, repentance is not just sorrow and grief. God is 100% Good—0% bad. God Has Never Created anything that was bad. God is Abundantly Good

1) God is A Good God.

• A Good God Cares for you. A Good God Will Heal you – A Good God is A BLESSING God.

2) God Doesn’t Remember your sins.
I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins” (Isaiah 43:25).
Why would God’s Forgiveness be for God’s Sake? It seems like it should be for man’s sake.

• Do you (as a human being) want to remember bad things about your children? The answer is no!
• Neither Does God Want to Remember bad things about His children.
• If He Remembers your sins, He Can’t BLESS you. He is A BLESSING God, not a cursing God.

3) God’s Love and Forgiveness Makes us eager to repent.

• God is Long-suffering (Having patience, one of The Fruit of The Spirit.)
• God is Always Giving us time to Repent, and The Holy Spirit Nudges us in that direction.

4) Good Always Overcomes bad.

• A certain ruler said, “Good Master….” Jesus stopped him and said, “None is good save one; that is God” (Luke 18:18-19).

5) God Has Never Created anything that was bad.

• Yes, the devil is bad; however, God Created him perfect. Later, iniquity was found in him (Ezekiel 28:15).
• The devil was Created good and he served God—until he chose to turn to sin.

Receiving The Goodness of God must be by Faith – goodness will not be in your life without having Faith that God is Good. Understand that you were Made by The Goodness of God, so you have goodness in you (by the fact that He is in you). God Called you to be an extension of His Goodness. Your life should be evidencing God’s Goodness. God Wants us to Know that He is A Good God & He Wants to Promote & lift you up. God Always meant for Good for you. Man-made rules & religion have robed man of God’s Goodness. God Want to Manifest His Goodness through you.

Every Good Gift Comes from God – big or small. The fact you can walk, you are healthy, etc it’s not fate, but it’s due to The Goodness of God. Whenever something Good happens to you, God is in it somewhere so don’t forget to thank Him. Get in the habit of thanking God for His Goodness – don’t ever get tired of thanking God for His Goodness. Just as the sun radiates light, God Also Radiates Goodness – it’s not What he Does, but it’s Who He is. The Goodness of God is Pursuing us. There’s no limit to The Goodness of God, except our receiving. God Gives His Goodness to everybody.

God’s True Motivation is Love. His intent? To Find people who will be a witness to His Goodness, believers who will allow Him to Shower them with Demonstrations of His Goodness. Learn to call on The Goodness of God like Blind Bartimaeus did: He cried out to Jesus saying, “Thou son of David” (Mark 10:47). God Has not Changed His Mind about His Goodness & nothing can stop Him.

Jesus is our Jubilee; He is the Healer; He is The Goodness of God

Receiving God’s Goodness in your life can be An Act of Faith. As we pray and expect, we say what we are expecting as if we Already have it (Romans 4:17).

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