(NKJV):  Eph 3:12 – “In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the Faith of him”.

(CEV): Eph 3:12 – “Christ now gives us courage and confidence, so we can come to God by Faith”.

(NKJV): Heb 10: 35 – “Cast not away therefore your confidence, which hath great recompence of reward”.

(CEV): Heb 10: 35 – “Keep on being brave! It will bring you great rewards”.

Spiritual Confidence = An assured spiritual belief resulting in bold spiritual action. Because of our Faith in Jesus Christ – we can approach God with confidence – Confidence is having the trust that you will succeed. It’s walking boldly forward with Faith and clarity. God’s Word is Powerful, and even just by reading it builds Faith (Romans 10:17), but the real confidence comes from applying it. Confidence  is not something that just comes on you – no, you have to develop it. Some Christian people want ‘microwave’ (fast) development, nooo, some things take time.  As Christians, we may distrust the concept of self-confidence. Rightly so! But what is the alternative? Our confidence should be in Jesus (The Word of God).

Faith = confidence, and our Faith is the devil’s Number one target – satan will mess up with your circumstances  so you throw away your confidence (your Faith). Confident can be cast away – Faith exists and Trust also exists but sometimes Christian people fail &/or cast It away (Heb 10; 35) – You fight in the spirit by maintaining your confidence  in The Word of God. The whole fight of Faith is about you maintaining your confidence, by staying on The Word of God. If you cast away your confidence (Faith), then  you have thrown  away your Manifestations also.

Faith in God and Faith toward God are two different things. Faith in God involves trusting Who He is, what He Says and what He can do. Faith toward God includes another Divine element: an unwavering confidence in our relationship with Him. When we have Faith toward God, we are confident that He is not only able but willing—even eager—to do what we ask of Him because of the special place we have in His Heart. There’s no question about it, that’s one of the greatest keys to victory in every situation. When sickness attacks our bodies, Faith in God opens the door for us to receive healing. When we face financial lack, Faith in God paves the way for Him to Meet all our needs according to His riches in glory.

We must have more than just Faith in God to receive the fullness of His Blessings. The Christian life is a Faith walk. We live by trusting what the Lord Has said. His Word is the Foundation of our Faith. The more we know His Word, the more we grow in Faith. Don’t let the difficulties of today get you down. Just feed your spirit on the Word. Get strong on the inside – in your mind, thoughts and understanding. Walking by Faith is never quitting – no matter what just keep on going, & stand on The Word of God

One of these days, when you are going through some really tough situations, someone is going to ask you, ‘how are you handling the pressure?’ You will turn to the person and respond in surprise, “pressure? What pressure?” That response would not be because you are in denial or avoiding reality. It would simply be because you have built the spiritual and mental capacity to handle your challenges with ease. You would have grown to carry that which crushes others.

As you build yourself up in The Word and Power of The Lord, you will begin to see life in a totally deferent perspective. Once you see that the very Spirit and Power of Christ resides in you, nothing – no debt, disease, or demon – will be able to defeat you. You will be so aware of who Christ has Made you that the giants of this life will appear like dwarfs. You will see people running and panicking in all directions, but you will find great stability and confidence in The Power of The Lord.

Those who build their confidence in the Lord, look within themselves and see Christ Magnified. When they look on the inside, they do not see their own human limitations; they see the unlimited Christ. That point of view will transform a weak, beggarly, defeated person into a champion for Christ. Remember, we live for Christ and not for ourselves (2 Cor 5; 15). He is our Lord; we are not masters of ourselves. He is our King; we do not rule ourselves. He is our Deliverer; we do not deliver ourselves. He is The Lord of the battle. He Lives in us, Stands by us and Walks with us. In Him we have the victory!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, my confidence is in your word. I choose to live each day by Faith and not by sight.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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