NKJV, Psalm 150:6 – “Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.”

CEV, Psalm 150:6 – “Let every living creature praise the Lord. Shout praises to the Lord!

We’re created to praise God. Some people don’t know that. When the praise service starts, they sit back and say, “I’m not comfortable with all that singing and shouting. I guess praise is just not my thing.”

Yes it is! According to the Bible, if you breathe, you were meant to praise. We must be Thankful & Praise His Name. God Gave us mouth to glorify/Praise Him.

Praise is a powerful Weapon against the enemy. Murmurings, grumblings, complainants don’t move God, but Praise & Thanksgiving do. When you begin to Praise God, & The Lord shows up. Praise gets God’s attention It can make God to ‘go’ jail, eg Paul & Silas jail in The Book of Acts 16:26. Praise is a weapon that Releases God to Battle, eg Jehosephat. You are Sanctified, Holy Spirit Filled, so your praise will paralyze the devil.

And don’t try to slip by with saying, “Well, I have praise in my heart.” That’s not enough. The Word says you need to have it in your mouth as well! (Ps. 34:1) Psalm 132:9 says, “Let thy saints shout for joy.” You can’t shout and be quiet at the same time.

Evil has its consequences, but we must praise The Lord for every victory in our life; ie the Lepers who Jesus Healed…the 1 who came back with praises was Made hole by Jesus…the other 9 Lepers were simply cleansed of their leprosy.

When you first begin to truly praise, it may seem awkward to you, but if you’ll keep it up, it will become a way of life. Why? Because praise causes the Glory of God to manifest in your life. It causes you to walk in the light of His countenance (Ps. 89:15). It will start a revival inside of you!

“But, Gloria, if I start to praise like that, people will think I’m some kind of fanatic.”

Well, good! Did you know that every revival in history has been started by people the world considered absolute fanatics? God does things differently than the world. So when you set aside your inhibitions and start letting His Spirit operate through you, you’re going to look strange to those who are strangers to His ways…but you’re going to look wonderful to the Lord!

And, by the way, don’t just think of praising Him in the congregation. Praise Him in your own private prayer time and throughout your day. Learn to maintain an attitude of praise and thanksgiving. When praise becomes natural to you in your own private life, it won’t be difficult to praise Him in the midst of the congregation.

Are you longing for a revival of God’s Presence in your life? Are you tired of just hearing about the glorious manifestations of His Power in the past? Then open your mouth and your heart and do what God has created you to do. Praise!

Start thanking Him; Praise Him; thanksgiving causes Restoration of whatever is lost or broken; thank God for your food, for The Blood of Christ, for delivering you from a pit/mess Thank God; if you ever had something good happening to you, God was behind it. Praise God; because He Deserves it.   

Scripture Reading:

Psalm 150

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