Fear is defined as to be afraid of someone or something – fear = means to run or take flight. You will FEEL fear ie. Shake, tremble but do not give in. Anger is an expression fear, & Selfishness releases fear. Fear steels so much from us. The only real way for you to overcome fear is for you to keep your eyes on Jesus (Faith).

Fear is just ‘Faith’ but in opposite direction of God’s Word, ie it is perverted or polluted Faith. It was originally Adam’s Faith: but he sinned it was corrupted, and it became ‘fear’. Thus, FEAR TOLERATED IS FAITH CONTAMINATED. Fear Denies God Access into your life… fear is a Spiritual connector Job; 3, 23 = it can connect you to what you fear. If you have fear in your life, you grant satan access into your life.

Faith comes by hearing the Word of God, but Fear is by hearing the lies of the devil. Faith is the facilitator that brings all the Promises of God to reality. Fear delights the devil. Fear activates the devil’s power, but FAITH activates God’s Power/Blessing. God Does Not Want you having any fear at all because fear has torment, (1 John 4:18) Refuse to fear in the mist of trials – when you fear your Faith is automatically neutralized.

Do not tolerate any amount or decree of fear in your life, a little fear is not alright – Don’t think that a little fear is good for you. The Bible Says; Rev; 21: 8 – But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderer…and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death

Get all fear out of you. Fear is the single greatest obstacle to success. No one enslaved by fear will ever get rich materially or Spiritually. Fear causes us to settle for less and robs us of our peace of mind. Do not fear that something bad is going to happen, always expect something good to happen. Love

Jesus Knows the cause of every fear & He Has a Plan for you to get rid of it – You cannot have fear & be free. Don’t let fear keep you from taking that step of Faith. When God Said, ‘Fear thou not (is 41: 10)…’ He Didn’t mean; ‘…don’t feel fear…’ but NO! He Meant fear will come but in the mist of it all He Will be There With us, ie God Did Not Give us the spirit of fear (2 Tim 1: 7).

You will never be free from fear if you do not confront it. When fear comes your way don’t listen to it. Overcome fear, defeat doubt, and to build up your Faith with The Word of God. if you made up your mind to do something & conditions change, don’t give up but keep on keeping  on. When you feel fear don’t run away: just keep doing what God Has asked to do.  Learn to do it afraid (feeling fear)

Meditate on God’s Word and get The Word Down into your spirit man, and then do not let fear rob you of your Faith. You do not have to be afraid of things, God Will Take Care of you – Fear is not from God; FEAR is our enemy. Believing The Love of God is Living without fear – There is only one attitude that a believer should have towards fear & that is;


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