Exodus 8:28 – “Pharaoh said, “I will release you so that you may sacrifice to the Lord your God in the desert. Only you must not go very far. Do pray for me.”

Ex 8; 28 /Ex 10;  24 – satan is a negotiator – he doesn’t want you to get what God Says you can have. The enemy’s job is to keep us in bondage: No, you shall have whatever God Says you can have – Satan couldn’t stop you from being saved, so now he wants to negotiate you from this earth &/or what God Has for you

Hello precious Child of God: In life, you will come into contact with different categories of people. You will have those who love you and wish you well and those who for no reason will dislike you and make it obvious. Some will only come around you because of what they seek to drain off from you.

There is another category of people very difficult to walk with and these are those who wish you well as long as you remain below them in power and rank. You can advance but not beyond their level; that is their philosophy. They are the people who will release you to go but when they realise you are doing so well, will by themselves make sure that you drop down. Their main motivation is not love but a selfish intent to cleverly enslave you for life. Such was the posture of Pharaoh.

After Pharaoh had suffered so much because of the plagues against Egypt, he finally decided to release the Jews to go and serve their God. He told them they could go but then, not too far. In other words, his release was not for total liberation but with strings of limitation attached to it. Pharaoh obviously had a cunning intent to enslave the Jews forever so his permission granted was not out of a genuine care for them.

Precious one, I have seen how some parents seek to educate their children but not beyond their academic qualification. I have also seen how some senior colleague workers help their subordinates to excel but try to oppress them when they finally seem to be doing well. Such people are difficult to relate with because one cannot tell whether they are for good or not. Most often, they do so because of insecurity.

The big question is, what do you do when you find yourself in such relationships? To begin, you need to always be in tune with God through prayer like Moses was, so that God Will Consistently Reveal the hearts of those around you to you. Put your trust in God and not man, because a human being can easily change his mind. Trust in God’s Power to Carry you Across every opposition such people will later raise against you. May God help us to discern and wisely walk with such people.

Heavenly Father,

Please Grant me the discerning heart to easily identify such people and walk with them in wisdom. Release Your power upon me LORD; in Jesus’ Name,


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