The Biblical sin of pride refers to a high or exalted attitude. It makes us insensitive to the needs of others and causes us to control others instead of loving them. When we think of our self-more highly than others then we devalue them. All sin comes from pride = Pride causes us to mistreat people & we think more highly of ourselves. No wonder God says, “I hate pride and arrogance, evil behaviour and perverse speech” (Prov 8:13), ie God Hates pride (and a proud look – do not even look like you are proud)

 We as Christians, we must lay aside our pride. In whatever you do, do not let selfishness or pride be your guide. Be humble, and honour others more than yourselves. It’s no pride to think about yourself The Way God Thinks About you, but it becomes pride when you think you are better than someone else. Every time someone is talking & you interrupt because you think what you are saying is right, then it is pride. One of the ways that pride shows itself in us by trying to do things that Only God Can Do. The greater position you get at work the more prideful you become. Do not be full of yourself & don’t mistreat people, everybody is important to God.

God Will Not Share His Glory With anybody else & He Will Not Put up With a prideful individual, eg Lucifer. Be happy with your own gift – do not be jealous of somebody’s – pride is involved when we are not grateful at what Gift God Has Given us. Learn to serve people, Jesus Washed His Disciples’ feet as an example for us – it’s humble & it breaks down the pride in us. Sometimes you have to put away your pride – intellectualism, education, position, etc We may want to do good but end up doing wrong – one of the reasons why we can’t do what God Tells is pride. Pride is deceptive & secret, because people who have pride are not willing to accept that have they pride.

Pride thinks too highly of self. Rom; 12, 3 (to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly) they tend to forget that whatever they have got is from God. People with pride think they achieved it themselves. But be careful of arrogance when you let pride come in & you think against The Word. 1 Tim 3; 6 – sometimes when we have prideful attitude, we can act stupid Prov 6; 16-17 – sowing discord among brethren is pride. Prov 13; 10 – it’s imposable to have strive without pride. James 4; 6 (… God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble) – God will not give power to a prideful person. 1 Pet; 5; 7 – God Will Take Good Care of us if we put all (not some of our problems, but all of our problems on him. If we do not cast all our problems on Him, then we are in pride.

Proud people are boastful. When we will not forgive then it is a sign of pride. Be careful of bragging – pride goes before destruction – anytime you see destruction know that pride has gone before that. “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). Pride can make a good situation worse, & vice versa. Pride will not let you show other people honour. Pride makes us be rude to people. Even Impatience is a fruit of pride because you are saying that you are too important to wait. Pride causes us to be Judgmental.  Giving your opinion about everything is pride, you are not always correct. Pride will make us stubborn & determined to do our own thing. A prideful person talks too much & always at the wrong time.

Most often, many people become proud in life because they feel they have more than enough to hold on to in challenging phases of life. Sometimes, some politicians speak fearlessly because they feel they have faithful bodyguards and security personnel surrounding them. Beloved, it is good to put security measures in place in your life. It is nice to be physically strong. However, always bear in mind that your deliverance from death does not come from how intelligent or physically secured you think you are. Some people who were better than you are now suffering terrible fates while some have lost their lives. The most secure step you can ever take in your life is to fear God and put all your hope in His steadfast love for you. May God secure your life and keep you alive in all circumstances of this life, amen.

Can we make God proud? The Bible Tells us it is possible…we can we can walk in a way that pleases God and that way is by obeying Him, drawing near to Him through our belief in Him, honouring (fearing – reverential fear) Him, and putting our hope in Him and not inour own strength.

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