PSALMS 18:28-29

Psalms 18:28-29 “For it is you who light my lamp; the Lord my God lightens my darkness. For by you I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall.

One of the unfortunate realities of this life is that there will always be opposition to every initiative one will ever take, be it good or bad. When you do what is bad, good people will definitely rise against you. If you pursue what is good, bad people will equally rise against you in life. But, always do what is rogh.

To assume that you do not have enemies and that you are loved by everybody is an unfortunate, naive thought that will lead you to a severe broken heart. The point however is that no matter how numerous and strong your enemies may be, God Will Still Cause you to advance in His Divine Plan for your life. No matter how high the problems are against you, you will still leap over them.

David expressed that even when he found himself in a state of darkness and confusion, God Lightened Up his life. In spite of the fact that armies stood against him, God Helped him to run through them. Though walls were mounted as barriers and limitations, God Empowered him to jump over the walls. The walls built in David’s days were not as we have them now.

They were huge, and tall, and people could even build houses on them as it was done on the wall of Jericho. It was not easy to climb, not to talk of jumping over it. In other words, David was saying that by His God he has been able to do the impossible by surmounting great limitations in his life.

David had all these victories because he was always in The Word. The Bible Tells Us that The Word of God is Light (Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path). – This means when you walk in The Light of The Word you get Perfect Peace: No more anxiety, worry, etc – but Perfect Peace all the way. Perfect Peace is the experience of The Peace of God always, even in the midst of troubles. Look, in David’s time only about half or a third of The Old Testament was written. Now we have all The 66 Books of The Bible so there is excuse for us not to walk in Light.

Beloved, I do not know the battles you may be facing. I do not know what is limiting you from moving forward with your life. However, I pray for you today, that you will receive Light to Dismiss your darkness. May God Empower you this moment to run through your enemies and leap over every hindrance to your life. With your God, you will definitely make it, in Jesus’ Name. Stay in The Word.

Heavenly Father,
once I have you on my side, & I’m in your Word, I shall not be moved at all. Please Grant me The Grace to run the race of life and of Your Kingdom. Empower me with Divine Strength and Speed to run through my enemies and overcome the difficulties in life. I am Blessed and unstoppable, in Jesus’ Name,

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