Righteousness means Right standing with God. You do not grow in Righteousness.

Righteousness is what God Does to your spirit man, but Holiness is what you (The believer) do, now that you are Righteous. You don’t do good, good things & become Righteous, noo God Made you Righteous the moment you got born-again. Now you Righteous you do right things. Righteousness is your nature & Holiness is conduct, but Holiness is not meant to be there without Righteousness. You did not earn Righteousness, but you have to work to achieve Holiness. You don’t become Righteous; you are made Righteous by The Wonderful Works of Jesus. You are not going to be more Righteous than you were made. God made us Righteous so that we can live Holy.

 Righteousness Brings us up God Level & Gives right standing with Him, so we can fellowship with Him. When we say that we are ‘The Righteousness of God’ we should ‘add In Christ’, because in our own we are a mess. You are not your own Righteousness, believe that you are The Righteousness of God by Faith in Christ. – and right believing will lead to right living. Our Righteousness is due to Jesus’ Obedience (Rom 5; 19), so we are The Righteousness of God in Christ

Righteousness is A spiritual Force; This Force of Righteousness in you is Working all the time on your behalf. The life of victory is already in you but as long as the enemy can convince you that you don’t have the right to any of The Things of God, then he can keep you under his influence of death, fear, pain, poverty, etc.  However, when you know the truth of your right-standing with God (your Righteousness in (Jesus Christ): you can rely on God’s Plan for The Blessing & Everything Good

 When we became born-again God Put us into right standing with Him. Develop our mind constantly and be aware of your Right-standing with God. Your Right standing with God Gives you access to His Power, Wisdom, Protection, etc, The Bible Says, ‘Awake to righteousness, and sin not…’ (1 Cor 15: 34). Don’t use your Righteousness as an excuse to sin.  

The enemy is an accuser of the brethren; he will use brethren to accuse brethren so as to put Guilt & condemnation on you to dampen your Righteousness. When you understand Righteousness & you are walking & operating in it, you become satan’s master. Part of your heritage from God are security (triumph over all opposition), Peace, Righteousness. With Righteousness all natural laws, poverty, illness, etc are under you

You are The Righteousness of God in Jesus Christ so your struggle in life are over. Because of your Righteousness you will have to be healthy, kids well, etc,

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