NKJV, Psalms 73:1, “A Psalm of Asaph. Truly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart.”

NET, Psalms 73:1, “A psalm by Asaph.  Certainly God is good to Israel,  and to those whose motives are pure!”

CEV, Psalms 73:1, “God is truly good to Israel, especially to everyone with a pure heart”.

Motives = Why you do what you do. Some people get in spiritual activity for wrong motives – Let’s make sure  we examine our heart in what we do; you may have wrong motives and do something good but it will come out wrong, and vice versa. We do many things to please people – People do good things but with the  bad  motives. God is least interested in what we do out here, but He’s interested  in why we do it.  Sometimes we ask rightly but we don’t receive, why? Because our motive for asking was wrong. God Looks at Motives; what’s in your heart. God is A God of heart. Good deeds are important, but the motive should also be good.

The Anointing will not assist you to get wealth when selfishness is the motive. God is God of hearts; He Looks at out motives for doing something. Our motives (not why, but how) for doing something is more important to God. We want to be seen, noticed, thanked, etc. Don’t do good works to be well thought of by people, and don’t impress each other. You may have a God-Vision but with impure motives. God will not Help you with your vision until He Does a Work in you from inside out.

Be Faithful, help people, do good, be Led by The Holy Spirit and not by your feelings. Get your motives straight – receive  God’s Love and do things because He Loved you First. Get God in every area of your life – thoughts, money, work, etc. If you want something ask God for it, if it is right for you, & you are mature enough to handle it,  He will Give it to you, but if it is not right for you and you are not mature enough to handle it,  He will not Give it to you,   Sometimes the thing you want is what God Wants you to have, but He can’t Give it to you because your motives for wanting that thing is wrong.  

God Sees our heart, so  no amount of outward put-ons will replace a bad attitude   One general observation I’ve made in life is that, the unseen aspects of life usually control the seen. For example, when a vehicle is in motion, it is the unseen engine that makes the movement possible.  It is the unseen components of a flat screen TV that produce those beautifully displayed visuals. This is equally true in the human body. The outward actions of man are controlled by the inward motives of that man. Therefore, our all-wise Heavenly Father judges us not only by our outward actions but more so, by our inward nature; our motives.

Asaph, in his Psalm, expressed that God is Good to those whose motives are pure. Motive can be simply be defined as the reason for which one wants to do something. Pure motives are therefore motives or reasons for actions free of immorality. In other words, any immoral or sinful reason for desiring to do something is to be considered as an impure motive. Sometimes we do good things but with evil or selfish intentions. When we show kindness to a person in order to get favours in return, or act in ways meant to trap others into trouble, those are acts done with impure motives. Some people have become so dangerous to the extent that even their good deeds are suspected to have ill intents.

As long as you do  anything to ‘GET’ it will not produce any joy in your life – we are ‘wired’ to be ‘GIVERS’, not to be ‘TAKERS’. Why are you doing what you are doing – we live with a wrong motive – get, get, get. Examine your motives. Precious one, I want to urge you to check your motives in life because God Rewards us according to our motives. May God bless you with His Goodness because He Finds your motives pure – Faith purifies your motives, Amen.


Heavenly Father, please Forgive me for every impure motive I have developed in my life. As I commit myself to ensuring my motives are pure, please Bless me with Your Goodness.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.WhatsApp Image 2018-11-03 at 21.06.15

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