Believe  = believing God requires unqualified committal,

in this world that we live in we hear a lot of different, different things; the devil tries to put bad thoughts in our head, the world systems gives us different messages, our friends tell us something different; so we have to decide who are we going believe – are we going to believe God, or the devil, or our circumstances, or what people say? If we want victory in our live, then we have to agree with God.

If we say we believe God & we begin to confess different from What His Word Says, then we cancel our Faith. Don’t be double-minded, ie; don’t have 2 thoughts about something. You cannot believe God for Divine Protection and talk about many are dying. The Bible Says, ‘A double minded man is unstable in all his ways’ (James 1: 8). Do not say what the devil says, but say What God Says. If you keep saying What God Says, you will soon believe God’s Word.

CHOOSE TO BELIEVE GOD; Believe God First & your feelings will catch up with what you believe. Our job is to  Believe God: When you believe God, you know that whatever happens He Will Take Care of you. Believe God to Do some Great things in your life. Do not focus on what you are believing for but focus on The One Who Can Provide what are believing for.

Believe that whatever you say will come to pass but in the meantime, you got to believe God. Always believe God for more than enough so you have excess to bless other people. Do not be selfish & ask God for just enough for only yourself. In order to receive what you believe God for; you have to release your Faith in The Blood of Jesus. believe God that He Has Forgiven you Forever. If you believe God’s Word, you can be successful & fulfil your God-Given destiny

There are so many curses (germs, etc) out there, but we can believe God to Protect (Heal) us. You can believe God, & as a result everybody in family will be Blessed, & do not allow yourself  to be moved  by the world. Sometimes we know too much book knowledge to believe God, put book knowledge to the side & believe God. Believe God for the impossible; with your natural mind you will say that it is possible based on some human data. No matter what is going in your life, or around you, or what the so called ‘experts’ say, believe God, praise Him, worship Him, & then stand firm on your conviction.

BELIEVE GOD IN EVERYTHING – whatever it is, get on your Faith & believe God. You need to believe God beyond any reason, you do not have to understand everything that is going on in your life before you start believing God. Believe God. – take Christ at His Word. Whatever bad thing that is going in your life right now, believe God that He Will Turn it around. When you believe God & you stand on His Word, things will start happening for you. Have confidence in your prayer, & believe God Hears you. Even if you do not get an immediate Answer, you still need to believe God that at the right time, He Will Come Through for you

You can believe God for anything, as long as it is The Will of God, and it is LEGAL. – … live by Faith. There is no limit in what you can believe God for; – BELIEVE, BELIEVE, & BELIEVE GOD. If you believe God, you will never be ashamed.


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