Everything starts with words. The Word of God should be our Final Authority. God created this universe out of something you cannot see: Faith (Hebrews 11:3).

God uses words to create. He used His Word to “frame” the worlds. Just look in the First Chapter of Genesis and count how many times you see the phrase, “And God said.” God Does Not Do anything without saying it first. That is His MO (His mode of operation), so use that mode of operation too. You’ll take His words and speak them out until they take on form and substance and become a reality in your life.

Do not say; “I tried that and it didn’t work. I said, ‘By His stripes I’m healed’ 2 times and nothing happened.” Big deal. God Started Saying that Jesus Was Coming in the Garden of Eden. He Said it again in Exodus. He Said it again in Numbers and Deuteronomy. He Said it in Isaiah and through the other prophets. He Said it all through the Old Testament, OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Then after about 7,000 years, The Book of John tells us, “The Word was Made Flesh, and Dwelt among us…”(1:14). So, if you’ve said you’re healed x number of times and nothing happened, don’t worry about it. Just keep saying it. You might think it is taking a long time to manifest, but I’ll guarantee you, it won’t take 7,000 years.

Do you want to operate in God’s Power? Then use His MO. Speak out His Word and let them Frame a life full of Blessing for you. God bless you always. Believe It in your heart, say It with your mouth. God Used the  same principle to Create  the entire universe.

2 Corinthians 4:13 – God believed it in His heart and said it with His mouth.

Heb 1: 3 – We live in a Word Created, & Word upheld and word dominated environment, so make your every word count & bring increase into your life.

Ps 91; 1 – how do you get int The Secret Place? By your own words verse 2 (I will say of the LORD). To be in His Secret Place make positive confessions.

Ps 46: 1 – in times of trouble put God’s Words in your mouth.

Be careful about the words that come of your mouth. Our words have creative powers so you should declare good things about yourself. Your words are tools of Faith. God Takes the words of His disciples (believers) very seriously…until you say it, you can’t get it.  Use your words to Bless yourself. Faith-Filled Words Dominate the law of death. In the same way, fear-filled or death-filled words also dominate the law of life.

Speak The Word Only. There are so many things in the news report that are contrary to what The Word Says & contrary to what we believe but you must stand firm & begin to speak what God Says, because that (what God Says) is what we want to see. You have to speak The Word Only, don’t speak what you see or hear from the news reports. Don’t speak the crisis, but speak The Word Only.

The enemy is waiting on your words so that he can go to work, likewise God Too is Waiting on you to speak.  That is why The Bible Says do not speak idle (negative) words, – so that God Can Go to Work for you. Jesus Arose from The Dead; words did it, Mk 10: 34 – (“…the third day he shall rise again”) – He was talking about Himself. He Released words which continued to work even after His Death. The words caused God’s Power to Move to Resurrect Him. Words (especially The Word of God) Have Inherent Power to Cause changes.

Be careful you do not talk too much otherwise you may get yourself into trouble. However, not talking at all is equally as bad talking too much & saying the wrong things, Matt 12: 36

Words control your destiny. Whatever you keep saying that is where you are going. Repetition helps to transform the soul, Mk 5; 25 –‘the woman with the issue of blood’ she kept on saying that  ‘If I may touch but his clothes I shall be whole’ Mk 5: 28. She didn’t say it once, she forgot about any doubt by REPEATEDLY SAYING ‘‘If I may touch but his clothes I shall be whole’(to build up her Faith), then her Faith Pulled power out of Him – Mk 5: 34

Your words control your life. Have Faith in God in your heart and with your words (Mark 11:22). Let your words & thoughts line up with The Word of God. If you continue to say something long enough for it to get into your inner being and into your heart, it will control your life.

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