Devine Protection.

  • When you get a born-again, it does not that mean the devil will leave you alone. No he will try to attack you but when you are in Christ, Jesus’ Power Covers you and His Divine Protection is yours; and even when the devil attacks you, he’s not able to put you down because you are Covered by a Devine Protection.
  • When you believe that you are not good enough, you will act like you’re not good enough. When you act like you’re not good enough, other people will also see you as not good enough. Your beliefs always drive your actions and your actions always give you the results that agree with what is inside you. Make a decision to believe that you are good enough: because you are good!
  • You and I will remain untouched because we are God’s Own Personal Property. The devil knows that he cannot touch us, we don’t belong to him, we don’t belong to any disease, we don’t belong sickness, etc, we have been Redeemed from those things. In Rev 1: 18, Jesus Reveals Himself as The Victor over all evil forms, that is why you don’t have to fear. People of God, God is On our side and we’ve The Power of The Almighty Backing us up
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