• Just because you are a Christian it does not mean that your prayer is going to be Answered automatically. No, your prayer is Answered:
  • 1) because you met The Biblical Rules by which prayer must be offered, and
  • 2) You understand your Covenant that you have the right to Answered prayer.
  • “our Rich inheritance comes in proportion to our new identity” –  BW
  • Just because you have a Promise from God doesn’t mean It will be trouble-free, & just because you have a problem doesn’t mean God Didn’t Give The Promise. The devil will bring you a problem in an attempt to stop you, but you have to know that what God Has Promised, He Will Bring to Pass. You cannot let go of The Word God Has Spoken Over your Promise just because you have a problem. No, The Same God Who Has Brought you this far is Decreeing and Declaring to Take you all the way.
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