Eccl 11: 5 NIV: “As you do not know the path of the wind, or how the body is formed in a mother’s womb, so you cannot understand the work of God, the Maker of all things.”

‘God’, the three-letter name that attempts to identify an indescribable Being. God Almighty is The Maker of all things, and His Handiwork are Simply Mysterious.

The Preacher in The Account of Ecclesiastes 11:5 uses two descriptions to paint a picture of how Vast The Works of God are. He used the path of the wind and also the formation of a human being in the womb. No one can trace the history or the future path of the wind’s movements. Where does the wind come from and where is it likely to end up? This is simply unknown.

Also, in child formation it’s amazing how a sperm would go and locate a small ovary to eventually form a full grown child in the womb. It is simply a mystery. In the same vein, God’s Works in our lives are Mysterious; one cannot fully understand them.

Most often, we simply fail to acknowledge what God Has Already Began in our lives, and we can barely tell where exactly He is Going with His Works in our lives. God’s Works usually Start small but Always Have Greater Glories at the end of the tunnel.

Beloved, God is Already at Work in your life. In His Sovereign Wisdom, He Reveals His Full Working Plan to us in His Word. Ours is to trust Him and walk closely in His Will and Word. Things may seem to delay but then once God is In Charge, there is no course for alarm.

I want to inspire you today. God is at Work in your life. His Ways are not your ways. You may not be able to figure out exactly how He is Going to Do what He Has Promised to Do in your life; but at least you can be sure that He Will Definitely Work a Work in your life. Only believe.

This is The Work of God, Who ordains all our knowledge of the intricate details of how things work. We should not wait until then to begin to know him. Those we love, we want to know more and more, because with beings that are good, to know them more is to love them more.

Heavenly Father, I acknowledge that the secret and mysterious things belong to You. I ask for Grace to trust You even when I am not able to clearly understand or figure out what You are Working out for me. Bless me LORD, in Jesus’ Name,


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