(NKJV):   Malachi 3:6 = “For I am the LORD, I change not…”

(CEV):     Malachi 3:6 = “…I am the Lord All-Powerful, and I never change…”

The world’s order of things is unsure and indefinite. Desperate words of uncertainty are crying out daily from radio, television, and newspapers. Everything around us seems to be in turmoil.

But, praise God, if you’re a believer you have something you can depend on: The unchanging Word of God!

God Has no double standard. He doesn’t Say one thing today and something else tomorrow. He is The Same yesterday, today, and forever.

If you will make The Word the Final Authority in your life, it will Give you stability when everything else around you gives way. If you’ll let what God Says settle the issues of life, you’ll be confident when others are confused, peaceful when others are under pressure. You’ll be overcoming when others are being overcome!

What does it mean to? It means believing what He Says instead of believing what people say. It means believing what He Says instead of what Satan says. It means believing what He Says instead of what the circumstances say.

Determine in your heart to do that today. Make up your mind to live by faith, not by sight. Fearlessly commit yourself to the Authority of God’s Word and there won’t be anything in this unstable world that can steal your security from you.

Scripture Reading:

Psalm 9:1-10


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