For skilful and Godly Wisdom is the principal thing…. Prize Wisdom highly and exalt her, and she will exalt and promote you; she will bring you to honour when you embrace her.

Proverbs 4:7-8

I want to tell you the only real secret to getting ahead in this world is ALWAYS to KEEP GOD FIRST IN EVERYTHING – form a habit of keeping God first – in your finances etc. If you don’t put God first nothing will work for you. It’s simple. Put the Word of God first place in your daily life. To do that obey; Matt 6; 33. God is the Father of Comfort, so in any situation, we should go to Him first (In any discomfort situation God understands so go to Him first for Comfort). When you get a problem go to The Throne first not to the phone.

CHOOSE TO PUT GOD FIRST: It doesn’t matter where you live, some may be young or old, some are married and some are single, road be different but the journey is the same & and the end is the same. However, the purpose for all of us is to come in unity with our Creator through The Love of His Son, Jesus Christ, ie: Choose to Put God First and come into unity with our Creator through The Love of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Know that the devil despises your progress so when you want to put God first, the enemy will sabotage you. He may even bring other people to judge & condemn you. The enemy is desperately trying to get us away from  God

Jesus is our greatest Physician. I thank God for doctors. I am sure He brought about medical knowledge. I believe God Works through the hands of surgeons. You are much more likely to be helped by their medicine if you go to God first. We need to go to the doctor, or take tablets, but remember that it’s Jesus Who Does the Healing not the doctors &/or tablets   

Prov 3; 6 = Keeping God first will put an end to all your problems

Matt 6; 33 – In everything, you need to put God First.  

Matt; 10, 37 – put God first in your life – we can make a god out of anything  eg, sports, statues, etc Anything  you put before God

Mk; 12, 30 – Put God first in everything you do, or else nothing will go right for you.

Rom 11; 36 – Put God First in  your life, in everything you  do (IT IS ALL ABOUT JESUS)

Eph; 5, 21 – be submissive to one another for Christ’s Sake. Submit to God first before you can submit to your partner.

“Well,” you may be saying, “I’ve heard that before. It’s no secret.” But when you understand what I mean, it could be a revelation to you.

God Bless you so remember it’s God First. When you put God first it enables you to enjoy many things. Keeping  God First Will be The Answer to a lot (if not all) of your problems, and also stop depending on our job,  govt, etc Remember when you put God First, He Promises to Honor you all the days of your life! If don’t put God First in your life you will never be TRULY happy.

If you don’t put God first in your time nothing will work for you  – whatever you give to God, He Will Give it back to you so many, many, many times over. Always go to God first – Form a habit of spending time with  God

You see, the Bible is not just a textbook, a storybook, or a history book. It is a handbook for living. It is the wisdom of Almighty God written down so you can apply it to your everyday circumstances.

God says that wisdom is the “principal thing.” Principal means “first in importance.” That means the Word of God needs to occupy the place of highest importance in all your activities. I know from experience what an impact that can have on your life.

Twenty years ago, I decided to read the gospels and the book of Acts three times in 30 days. It seemed an impossible task at the time. With two small children and my house turned upside down from a recent move, I could not see how I could possibly spend that much time reading the Word and still get everything done. But I set myself to put other things aside and do it anyway.

Surprisingly enough, at the end of the first day, I had accomplished more than I would have under normal circumstances. And by the end of those 30 days, I’d not only read the gospels and acts three times, I’d kept all my housework done, taken care of my children, and refinished several pieces of furniture to boot! I was amazed.

You’ll be amazed at what happens in your life too, if you give God’s Word priority. But let me warn you, don’t wait until you think you have the time. Satan will see to it that you never do.

Just do as I did and set other things aside. Invest your time in the Word first and that investment will soon be paying off in every area of your life.

Not only do you have to put God First, but you must also KEEP HIM FIRST – you must be determined to keep Him first because the world has got enough distractions to put you off, & the devil too will fight you to prevent you from keeping God First.

To be serious with God means you put Him first in your life – if you don’t put God first, nothing else will work well for you. Thus, we have to spend more time with Him – PUT GOD FIRST IN YOUR LIFE, AND SERVE HIM WITH ALL YOUR LIFE

Scripture Reading:

Proverbs 3:1-9

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