1 Cor 1:18 – “For the message about the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

It is amazing how God Sometimes Go About His Divine Supply of deliverance. Of a truth, His Ways are not the ways of men. Ideally to men, The Cross represents weakness, suffering, pain, shame, and vulnerability. The Cross Was Never Something to Boast of.

The Cross Looked Like a Failure but It is The Greatest Victory the earth has seen.  However, it Pleased The Father that The Cross on Which Jesus Christ Died would Become A Symbol of Power, Strength, Deliverance, Authority and Redemption. Today, people proudly place the Cross Around their necks to serve as their commitment to Christ.

The ‘shameful’ Cross, Has now Become The Symbol of Power, not because of the wooden material it was made of but because of The One Who Died on it. The Cross is Only Special when it is in Relation with, or with Reference to our Wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

2 Cor 8; 9 –  get the idea that ‘Jesus Was Poor’ out of your head, He Was Rich but He Became Poor Only On the Cross so that you will rich. The Blood of Jesus  Was Shed for us to be rich – Jesus DIED on The Cross to Give us The Blessing of Abraham

Heb 10; 12- what Jesus Did on The Cross Took Care of everything for good (once for all).

2 Cor 8; 9 – There Was An Exchange on The Cross where our Righteousness Was Concerned – we would not be Righteous today if Jesus Was not Willing to Exchange His Righteousness for our sins – Jesus Was Rich in Righteousness & poor in sin, whilst we were poor in Righteousness but rich in sin

When Jesus Died on The Cross our old sin nature went with him, and When He Died on The Cross He Took away all the armour of the devil. You are not waiting on God, because everything that you want from Him &/or do for you have already been Provided by Jesus on The Cross so believe & obey Him  & agree with Him. The Holy Spirit Works entirely within The Confines of The Cross.

Jesus Paid for our freedom with His Blood on The Cross. You should be happy because you are not going to hell.  He Took our diseases on The Cross – If He Took them, why should we be sick; in God’s Mind we are all Healed. God Doesn’t Put off your Salvation/Healing for another time, nooo He Will Heal you right now, because both of them were Done on The Cross on the same day 

Beloved, The Message of The Cross is what Has Brought us all Salvation, Redemption, Riches and Empowerment. As A Child of God, you need to always cherish the Cross and appreciate that The Power to Save lives Eternally is Vested in The Cross. The Cross speaks of Divine power.

Heavenly Father, thank You for The Place of The Cross in our lives. Thank You Jesus Christ for Your Precious Sacrifice on The Cross for me. May The Cross Continue to Speak Power Into every aspect of my life. May Deliverance, Grace and Healing Flow Into our lives even as we get connected to the Cross, in Jesus’ name, amen.

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