(NKJV): “I will call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies”.

(CEV): “I praise you, Lord! I prayed, and you rescued from my enemies.

In this verse the happy poet resolves to invoke The Lord in joyful song, believing that in all future conflicts his God would deal as well with him as in the past. It is well to pray to God as to one who deserves to be praised, for then we plead in a happy and confident manner. If I feel that I can and do bless The Lord for all His past Goodness, I am bold to ask great things of Him.

To be Saved singing is to be Saved indeed. Many are Saved mourning and doubting; but David had such Faith that he could fight singing and win the battle with a song still upon his lips. How happy a thing to receive fresh Mercy with a heart already sensible of Mercy enjoyed, and to anticipate new trials with a confidence based upon past experiences of Divine love!


Deliverance is a basic necessity of every human being on earth. I guess the word ‘deliverance’ has been so spiritualized that some people become uncomfortable when told they need deliverance. However, we all need deliverance and are being delivered from several oppositions and dangers on daily basis, most of the time, without our notice.

The noun ‘Deliverance’ is from the verb ‘deliver’ which implies: to release, transfer possession, or to set free. Therefore, we can define deliverance as follows: the process of releasing or setting free a person (or a thing); or transferring it from one place (or one possession) to another. This also means that there is always the need for an agent of deliverance, that is, the deliverer.

David ascribed praises to God Almighty because God Had Delivered him from his enemies. To him, God was worthy of his praise. In other words, God Almighty (ie. The Deliverer) set him free from his enemies. He was under the mercy of his enemies until God stepped into the scene and Disposed the enemy.

The same God Who stood in as David’s Deliverer, is our Heavenly Father Who Has begotten us in Christ Jesus. And the good news is that, He Has been actively Delivering us from our number one enemy; Satan who always seeks to destroy us at any given opportunity. Heaven Has been Working behind the scenes to deliver us from the wickedness of men, from the dangers of life and from even the consequences of our mistakes.

Be grateful to God for all that He has been doing. Remember that your greatest response of appreciation to God is a heart of genuine love for Him and lips of constant praise. May God Continue to be your Deliverer.

Thank You Father for Being my Savior and Deliverer. Continue to deliver me daily from all the plots and schemes of the enemy,
in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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One thought on “PSALMS 18:3

  1. 2Theme for 2022 – EQUIPPING THE CHURCH AS AN ARMY TO POSSESS THE NATIONS. (Hebrews 13:20-21 & Ephesians 4:11-12; 6;10-11

    Agnes Presentation

    Date- 2022 6 Feb


    Joshua l :19 and 2:,4

    WOMEN is related to TO WARIOR/ BATTLE, sqard, troops batalion, defence


    Some of the characteristic of women

    Humble, meek, weak, helpers,, multiti – task, curious, naive,

    Hard working, inteligrnt,, exstrovert, eazily aproachable, open, sociable,

    Naturaly beautiful, and compartible


    ‘All women are special’

    Procerb 31:

    29 Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all.


    Representation of women sufrage

    As inferior , subodination,

    Clasifies as inhuman, pursue as slaves and exploition.

    Social false percetion towards women

    affecting women on 3 aspect, or dimension,

    A, physical, b, phychological and c, Immotional aspect

    The esence of women to be empowered to become the ARMY- is to TO DELIVER or secure SELVE ,children and other sitizens.



    Air force



    And active


    Representation of Women

    A, due to CULTURly mal Represention,

    Women are treated as fellow.

    1, Female Genitale mutilation, More than 30 countriss/ 2milion women, part of external genital is remove without medical and healt benifit

    2, put padlock on thier mouth

    3, lay out as an appreciation

    4, excluded from education

    5, role as child caring and home managing, farming, sex slaves,

    6, included in war and dye like men, Amazona women LEAVES ON MIUNTAIN TOP AND ON TREES SND CLOTHE WITH LEAVES, EXPOSE TGEIR BREAST,

    7, excluded in decision

    8, served as servants , redeem debt

    POLITICAL mal-representation of women

    1, LOOSE IDENTITY, dinity, respect.

    1, EXCLUDEDE from voting

    2, Women and children dies more during war and crises

    3, pay inequity

    4, emoloymrng inequity

    6 nomadic

    is a member of a community without fixed habitatio ________________________________

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