(NKJV): “Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.”


(CEV): “A woman’s family is held together by her wisdom,    but it can be destroyed by her foolishness”.



It is interesting to follow the ongoing description of two women in Proverbs.  These two women are the wise and Godly woman and the immoral and foolish woman.  Here they are contrasted in how they deal with their own house

The wise woman builds up her family.  She is selfless and gives herself away to strengthen and encourage and bless her family members.  Her husband knows her love and support – and her children are partakers of her love, discipline, and care.  Truly, the woman who does this gives untold blessings to her family.  Her spirit pervades the home and makes it so much more than just a place to live – but a place to grow and thrive. 

“In truth, the oneness of the house is more dependent on the mother than on the father. A wise mother can, if her husband be dead or neglectful of his duty, always keep the house together; but if the house-wife has neither understanding nor good-will for her calling, then the best will of the house-father cannot hinder the dissolution of the house, prudence and patience only conceal and mitigate the process of dissolution—the folly of the house-wife, always becomes more and more, according to the degree in which this is a caricature of her calling, the ruin of the house.”

God Created all of humanity in His Image and in His Likeness. He Created us male and female. We therefore grow up to become men or women. However, as to whether we turn out to become wise or unwise men and women is another issue worth paying attention to.

The Wiseman in Proverbs 13 Explains that there are wise women and ‘foolish’ women.  These two categories of women can be assessed based on their attitudes towards building their households. A wise woman builds her home. but a foolish woman tears it down.

In other words, it takes a lot of virtue and wisdom for a woman to carefully manage her home to ensure joy and well-being. God Has naturally Gifted women with the ability to make the best of limited resources. Blessed therefore is the man who has a wise woman for a wife, for she shall build him a beautiful home. However, woe to the man who ends up with a foolish wife, for she will destroy even the little they  have.

In fact, the same applies to the men. A wise man builds his household, but a foolish man destroys what he has built with his own hands. Is it not mind boggling that a man with a beautiful family and an enviable wife, will go about having sexual intimacy with other women and destroying the family?

Are you building your household, or you are destroying it? That is vivid evidence of one’s wisdom or folly. Be wise; build your home.

Heavenly Father, please Forgive me for the times I acted unwisely. Please Grant me The Grace to wisely build my household to the glory of Your Name. Bless me LORD,

in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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