Joshua 1: 8 – “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

Meditate on God’s WORD: Meditate on what God Says –Meditation is a God-given process that causes a change in your thinking. It transforms your thinking to a higher level. Meditation makes every impossible situation possible. Meditation is God’s primary way of getting a man to change his/her thinking. You must change your mind to the reality that you have, to identify with Jesus. Be thankful and stop meditating on some wrong thing that somebody did to you. When you hear the WORD, go home & meditate on it until you develop roots.

Meditation takes information and turns it into revelation, the kind of revelation that satan cannot steal – it’s not information that sets you free, nooo, but it the revelation that sets you free. Stop Meditating on anything wrong with people/everything in your life. Meditating on the problem will make it worse, not better. Worry can cause stomach & colon problems, headaches, stress, and cancer. Meditating on (and speaking) what you fear will bring it into your life. (Job 3; 25 ).

Christianity is not a passive religion – we pray, say, and we do the part that God asks us to do. Meditating the Word is thinking about the Word over, over, and over. If you Meditate WORD, you replace the old thinking with the Truth of the WORD. Meditation is designed to uproot your old mindset and give the peace that passes all understanding

Christian meditation is the process of deliberately focusing on specific thoughts (such as a Bible passage), and reflecting on their meaning in the context of the Love of God. It focuses on specific phrases or a single word from Scripture in order to allow God to speak to you about that word or phrase and affect a change in your heart through that word or phrase.

We need to take hold of the Scripture verses & then meditate on them day and night; meditate on The Promise every day. To meditate = to muter, to ponder, and/or to think about over and over. Schedule everything around the WORD, but not vice versa. When you have an increase in your dream & you keep meditating about it, the Holy Spirit will back you up & no devil in hell can oppose you. Fight the fight of Faith (1 Tim; 6, 12a) by meditating on the WORD and resisting the devil.

Both Psalms 1 and Psalms 119, call people to meditate on Scripture. Psalm 1 explains that when believers meditate on God’s Word, they will be blessed with flourishing just like a tree flourishes if it is planted by continuously running water and nourished by a constant source of life. So, meditate (roll the Word over, & over in your mind), until it becomes part of  you.

Worry = meditation, but on the wrong report: ‘Worry’ is just meditating on the wrong things (ie things that contradict god’s word). Don’t tell me you don’t know how to meditate, because that’s what you do when you worry. ‘Worry’ is another face of fear.  If you Pray (& then you worry afterward), your ‘worry’ cancels your prayers. Worry is a thief – it steals your joy and peace. Today, don’t worry & spoil the moment –  forget about the past, have Faith for the future, but enjoy the moment.

 Some sample goals of a meditating Christian might be increasing attentiveness to God’s Presence, creating space to hear God’s Voice speaking, moving prayer beyond words into a more intimate relationship with God, learning to “pray without ceasing,” taking the focus of attention off of the self, increasing impulses of…

Give the Word of God attention in life – your success will be found in meditating the WORD – The Word of God should be your meditation all day. If you meditate on the wrong thing, you allow satan to come into your life. take God at his word & believe him – Give His Word full attention & meditate the WORD, day & night.

You have to meditate on THE WORD long enough until you get THE WORD in abundance inside of you (Matt 12; 35), so in trouble times THE WORD comes out of your mouth & delivers you. Meditate on His Word.  Focus on the WORD, think about the WORD, say the WORD out loud.  When you focus on God’s Word, you will move forward in God’s plan.  You will be strengthened to live as an overcomer in every area of your life!

The Bible Says we should Meditate on the WORD – if you don’t do this your life will not change – we need to think on things that will benefit us, and have a Deep, Intimate, & Personal relationship with God, & do not spend our think time on non-important things. Meditate on what He Has Done for you in Christ. Sometimes you will  have to meditate on a scripture long enough until it talks to you

Prayer is Powerful and Changes lives. The Same Power you read about in The Bible is available to you right now! – Meditate on the Power of prayer and put your Faith into action. God Wants you to call on Him and join your heart to Him in a powerful union. Through your prayers, you can tap into God’s Great Power in your life.

The enemy deceives us by putting lies & negative thoughts in our minds, hoping that we will take them as our own & meditate on them over & over, but we can choose to think the way God wants us to – always remember that happy thoughts make a happy life. learn how to meditate on the word; learn how to speak the word; believe that you are who God says you are & then in your experience, you will become what you believe: what you believe becomes your reality.

Give the Word of God first place in your life, meditate on the WORD, put the WORD in your heart, and then speak the WORD out of your mouth. We have to set our heart on Jesus; when you set your heart on the WORD, you will begin to meet Jesus, & the WORD will Lead you into who He is & then into what he promised you

Get the WORD into your heart, meditate the WORD so when you are under pressure you can speak the WORD to get you out of trouble; Learn to meditate the WORD – Learn to speak the WORD. Pray and meditate on the WORD and let The Word of God be the guide in your life.

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