LUKE 17:1-2

Offence is satan’s bait: Offence (eg; unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, negative thinking.) is a stumbling block, and offence hinders our walk with God, He deliberately sends people to upset/aggravate (or offend) you and make you angry (offended). The devil is going try & offend you, but the Bible Says; ‘…don’t TAKE offence…’ (ie; The offence will come, but do not take it.)


Your words are very powerful, so help yourself with your words – in actual fact we can say some damn things when we are upset. We talk too much about our problems, but we talk very little about what God Has Done. Your words can take your problems to God & He Will Release Angels to Help you, or your could go to hell & get you into more trouble -ie; your words can close or open the door to satan into your life.