(NKJV): “He that keepeth his mouth keepeth his life: but he that openeth wide his lips shall have destruction.”

(CEV): “Keep what you know to yourself, and you will be safe; talk too much, and you are done for.”


Your words are very powerful, so help yourself with your words – in actual fact we can say some damn things when we are upset. We talk too much about our problems, but we talk very little about what God Has Done. Your words can take your problems to God & He Will Release Angels to Help you, or your could go to hell & get you into more trouble -ie; your words can close or open the door to satan into your life.

Have you ever found yourself in a state of regret because you said things you wished you would have never said? Have you ever felt that you revealed things meant to be kept secret, as a result of talking too much? How disciplined are you with your mouth – do you talk too much, are you a good communicator? What kind of intonation do you use? – Sometimes it is not what we say, but how we say it.

The Wiseman in Proverbs explains that the one who guards his words guards his life. However, whoever is talkative comes to ruin. A talkative person is one who tends to talk a lot or speaks openly and honestly, neglecting privacy and consequences. In other words, a talkative person speaks spontaneously without thinking of the possible consequences.

Those who are like that are more prone to destruction, don’t talk too much, you give the devil a part in your life. That is why God admonishes us to guard our words. In other words, before we open our mouths to speak, we have to first think about the consequences involved. If you can speak then don’t speak ay all.

Sometimes we talk too much, but The Bible Says that ‘Don’t talk too much – be quick to hear & slow to talk (Prov 10: 19) – that was why God Gave us 2 ears but one mouth. Sometime ago, I heard two Christians using insults on each other right after closing from church. Some people also take delight in gossiping. These gossips end up in shame in society because they do not guard their words.

Watch what you hear; everything starts with words. The Word of God should be our final authority: the words that you hear will decide what you think: all these words will go down into your heart & you may speak them out & disrupt God’s Plan for your life – get some credibility in your words Let us be very cautious in our conversations. Guard your words and avoid being talkative. May God help us all. Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers (Eph 4: 29).

The Bible Tells us to, ‘avoid negative talk’ (Num 13: 33) – Too often we stare at our problems for far too long: we talk about our problem too much: how big our problems are, etc – and we scare our self , but say what God Did for you in the past – negative talk gets us into so much trouble. To be in His Secret Place make positive confessions/let your words & thoughts line up with The Word of God; in times of trouble put God’s Words in your mouth (Iss; 51, 16a).

Your words are tools of Faith – your words determine how you believe – you have to talk right – don’t talk fear, death, etc. The devil wants your words so you don’t have to say everything you see, or any thought that pops into you mind. Some simple words don’t matter, but Jesus Said, Matt; 12, 36 that; (But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.) Pray The Holy Spirit to Check on your words

Heavenly Father, please Grant me The Grace and wisdom to guard my words. May my words edify my listeners.
In Jesus’ Name Amen.


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