(NKJV):   Matt 28:18 – “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth”.

(CEV):   Matt 28:18 – “Jesus came to them and said:

I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth”

All Power belongs to God! Not everything that happens on earth Makes God happy, but Nothing happens without His permission. If He Permitted it, then there a Divine Purpose or Divine Reason for it. [Thus, when you get into a trial look for the treasure in it. Then go & lock yourself in a room & ask God to Help: Say positive things – sometimes we blow God’s Plan  for us because we won’t  zip our lips] 

When you get to know that a demonic spirit is against your life, how do you react? They may have some power but thank God that all power belongs to Jesus. One of the things Jesus Did after His Resurrection was to Assure His disciples of peace and power. Most often when people engage in conflicts, various threats are made. A common threat used is, “I will show you where power lies”. Some people use witchcraft and occultism to fight others.

God Wants us to be confident in Him because the Highest Power lies in the Hands of Jesus Christ. That explains why as Christians, we should not be afraid of witches. We must not be moved by the threats of occult because we have been Endowed with Power from On-High. God Expects us to have Faith when confronted with challenges or threats. Once you are planted in the Hands of God, no one can plug you out of life. If Christ be for us, who can be against us? (Rom 8: 31)

The Word of God Gives us the firm assurance that neither Angels nor principalities, nor sickness etc can separate us from The Love of God.(Romans 8:38-39). In other words, nothing can stop us from being what God Has Destined us to be. I have had several dreams with warnings of death but here am I, enjoying the full blessings of life. We have the Power to refute and nullify every attack from the evil one. With Christ in our lifeboat, we shall certainly smile at the storm.

Christ is Risen with all Power in His Hands. This is not the time to cry over the works of the evil one. This is the time to arise with Faith and begin to offer fervent prayers against the evil one. Christ is Risen with Power and He is Commanding us to walk in that Power and do exploits. We know who we are in Christ.


Heavenly Father, thank You for Granting me access to the highest Level of Power in Christ Jesus. I decree that every agenda, plot or scheme of the evil one against my nation, family, and I be nullified.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Question for Meditation

As a Christian, am I more powerful than witches, occults, and spiritual wickedness?


  1. This is our greatest assignment to prove to people in darkness and those doubting that the authority of the devil has been stripped off by Jesus Christ.
    The power of Occult and witchcraft is inferior to the power of Christ

  2. Jesus Stripped satan off everything he had. Now satan has nothing but he’s lying & acting as if he has got something, no he’s just boasting.

    All of his power has been stripped away by Jesus (Col 2) – Jesus Defeated satan in an Open Combat, then He Stripped satan the authority that he got from Adam

    Col 2; 13-15 / Heb 2; 14-15 – Jesus Stripped the devil of his authority that he used to have – the only thing he has is the ability to deceive.

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